The Spaw at Deschutes Tumwater, WA
We are excited to announce that we have added dog grooming to one of the services we provide! We are always looking for ways to better support your needs as well as your pets. As of November 2017 our groomer, Kathleen, has been running The Spaw at Deschutes. Provided below shares some information regarding this amazing addition to our clinic.

Meet the Groomer

Kathleen has been apart of the team at Deschutes Animal Clinic since November 2017, and she has jumped right in! Kathleen worked as a dog groomer before coming and working her magic at Deschutes. While Kathleen has been grooming for over 8 years now, she also has worked various jobs in different fields (Caregiver, Project Assistant and Human Resources to name a few). Her comforting style of grooming is made to make the grooming experience as smooth and stress-free as possible for your pet. Her passion for animals is obvious with every groom she does. Kathleen has been married for 30+ years and currently has two small dogs (Peanut and Arrow), an adorable kitten (Buster), and two goats (Willow and Wyatt).