In 1943, Dr. Bert Potts started practicing from this location as the Potts Veterinary Service. In 1952, Dr. Arnold Slater joined Dr. Potts. Dr. John Goforth and Dr. Slater purchased the veterinary facilities from Dr. Potts in 1954 and named it the Deschutes Animal Clinic. Dr. Robert Cleveland joined the practice in 1958, with Dr. Robert Sand following in 1960, and Dr. Robert Collins in 1966.

The three current partners: Dr. Micheal Murray joined the team in 2021 followed shortly by Dr. Victoria Smith that summer. Dr. Rebecca Felknor began with deschutes doing relief work and then joined the team full time in May of 2022. The team will soon be joined by the fresh face of Dr. William Bird in November of 2023.

The clinic has been rebuilt and added onto in several additions to attain its current status of over 8,000 square feet under one roof. Prior to 1958 only a veterinary garage existed on this site. In 1958 the section of the clinic that is now the barn was built. The waiting room, reception area, pharmacy, and surgery rooms were added in 1968. In 1975, the south side of the current clinic was built; adding the business offices, break room, lab, wards, and supply room. The 5th of April, 2023 the south wing, lobby, 2nd floor, and treatment areas were fully renovated to give the clinic a fresh face and provide more room for our expanding team of doctors.

Our Mission

To promote, enhance, and support the health, longevity, and well-being of pets by providing the most progressive yet compassionate animal health care possible.

“A Task Without Vision is Drudgery.
A Vision Without a Task is a Dream.
A Task With a Vision is Victory.”

The staff and doctors of Deschutes Animal Clinic feel that we are all joined in spirit, in energy, and in commitment to our vision

Our Beliefs and Values

PEOPLE – Our animal health care team members are our most important and valuable resource. Each contributes a unique blend of knowledge, skill, and creativity to our practice of veterinary medicine. We provide a safe work environment for our staff, while at the same time encouraging the development of their full potential.

SERVICE – Our loyal service to our clients and their pets includes the practice of veterinary medicine, surgery, and intensive care, as well as effective communication, client education, and preventative care at a reasonable and affordable fee.

QUALITY – Uncompromising quality, skill, and expertise in all aspects of veterinary medicine result from dedication to continuing professional education for all staff and doctors. As the field of veterinary medicine constantly changes, so must we accept change with enthusiasm and embrace the challenges it brings.

CLIENTS – Although pets are our special patients, their owners are also our number-one priority. Understanding and addressing clients’ needs and expectations through active listening, effective communication and problem-solving, and by making them feel special at every point of contact, enables us to provide the kind of continuous dedicated service that benefits and improves animal health.

HOSPITAL – We provide and staff a full service veterinary hospital with a cheerful atmosphere, comfortable surroundings, and sanitary conditions in order to deliver superior service and satisfy the needs of our clients and animal patients.

INTEGRITY AND SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY – Our hospital and the staff accept responsibility for maintaining the highest standards of integrity, ethics, and support for all our employees, clients, animals, the environment, and the community in which we live and work.